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Business affairs

In addition to representing authors, Viv Loves Film also offers bespoke business affairs services at competitive rates to all content creators, brand owners and distributors. These rates are flexible and pragmatic based on each client’s needs and budget, ranging from hourly rates and fixed fees to deferred participations.


Viv Loves Film has considerable experience across all deals relating to films and series on all platforms from concept to distribution.  Whether options, co-productions, acquisitions, or bespoke financing, production and/or distribution models, Viv Loves Film works creatively and collaboratively to ensure that its clients’ interests are protected in a pragmatic and positive way, giving the project the best chance of success in an ever-changing landscape.  Viv Loves Film has a successful and proven track record representing authors, licensors, studios, agents, financiers and licensees, frequently securing precedent-breaking terms for its clients.  Having worked on films and series as owner, licensor, financier, producer, distributor and representative, Viv Loves Film truly understands and acknowledges the contribution, needs and demands of each party involved in the project – as well as the significant spin-off and off-screen opportunities beyond, such as merchandise, publishing, stage productions, video games and more.


Viv Loves Film has worked on a range of first class productions as well as live events and understands the balance to be achieved between author, creative team, producer, venue and investor.  Viv Loves Film experience includes a range of first class musicals including THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, CATS, CLOSER TO HEAVEN and all of the first class productions of the Beatrix Potter brand recently licensed by Frederick Warne, including all PETER RABBIT first class productions such as WHERE IS PETER RABBIT.  It’s not just about the production or the live event, attention must be paid to in-venue and online merchandise, licensing promotions and recording opportunities whether archival or commercial.  Business affairs advice and support in all of these elements are covered in the services offered by Viv Loves Film.


Video games, films and series particularly have become intertwined as video games continue to grow as sophisticated and often feature-length or multi-episodic events.  This in turn gives rise to the same opportunities for ancillary exploitation for video games as their on-screen counterparts, particularly around live events, merchandise and game-to-screen adaptations.  Viv Loves Film is fully conversant with and responsive to this exciting evolution in the video game space and has experience not just in a business affairs capacity, but also as a co-producer.  Consequently, as in the film, series, stage and live events space, Viv Loves Film offers one-stop shop business affairs service with a genuine 360 view and insider insights to content creators, producers and distributors alike.


Whether original brand or screen tie-in, Viv Loves Film has considerable experience and knowledge of the consumer products industry as brand owner, licensor, licensee, agent and distributor.  Viv Loves Film understands the speed at which this industry moves and the need to have practical, straightforward yet robust tools covering the various relationships to keep pace with strict production timelines as each consumer product moves from its concept, proposal deal memo, licence, approval and distribution phases.


In addition to business affairs support, Viv Loves Film can give bespoke business development strategy and support to content owners and controllers whose primary business is not film, series, stage, live events, merchandise or video games such as publishers as to how they might create, develop and maintain a successful business division that is credible and collaborative authors, producers, filmmakers, writers, studios, broadcasters and streamers.


The publishing industry too is expanding its consumer offerings beyond books, e-books and audiobooks and publishers are increasingly producing, financing, licensing and optioning content as dramatic audio productions and podcasts, films, series, stage productions, live events and merchandise.  Viv Loves Film understands this area and offers strong business affairs to support this innovation.