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Stephan Collina

About the Author

Stephan was born in a mundane Welsh suburb in 1959. He operated worldwide for over twenty years as a business leader in computer and Internet software, dealing with many large industries including the US intelligence services.

Stephan’s first novel was published in 2009, receiving some critical acclaim but no wide audience. He subsequently completed a novel about a top CIA operative addicted to prescription meds, for which the publication and film rights are under negotiation. A new screenplay called “American Parable” was completed by him and a co-writer earlier this year.

Stephan is finalising a third novel, a cross-genre work exploring how our bodies, minds and spiritual development will all be affected by recent and near-term advances in artificial intelligence and nanobiotechnology. In addition, Stephan is working with a fellow script-writer on an animated TV comedy series, yet to be titled.

As well as his writing, Stephan advises on the application and ethics of Artificial Intelligence. He holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Kent, is a Fellow of the RSA, a RYA Yacht-master and a yoga and meditation teacher. He lives in southern England.




Genre: Animated Comedy for Adults

Format: Concept and Bible

A dark, comedic look at life in a small village, where every human vice is shown in serene surroundings and where each week a mysterious murder occurs. Unlike the usual TV detective series, the murders are never solved

With thanks to Ralph Cooper for his contribution to initial outline concept



Genre: Political Action Thriller

Format: Novel and Draft Screenplay

A top CIA agent uncovers a plot to explode a long-lost Soviet nuclear missile on American soil. Chase must save his partners, disable the nuke, evade a chasing CIA hit team, clear his name and battle clever, well-connected villains from Pakistan through South Africa to Washington DC



Genre: Political Thriller

Format: Novel and Draft Screenplay

Love, drug-dealing, murder and blackmail create a powerful transatlantic conspiracy. In the 1970s a covert organization is set-up within the CIA to secure America’s oil supplies. By 2001 it is manipulating 9/11 to gain increased funding for the US intelligence services



Genre: Science-Fiction/Spiritual

Format: Novel and Bible

In 2030 AI-augmented humans begin to read and direct our innermost thoughts. Explored through the personal lives of a failed businessman and his reprobate daughter, mankind teeters on a knife-edge between bliss and oblivion



Genre: Family Drama

Format: Novel

In 1960 a young woman is stripped of her child in a UK that stigmatises illegitimacy. Years later the loss still haunts her, affecting all those living around her in a remote village. A village struggling to adapt to a rapidly-encroaching modern world.