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Taetrece Harrison

About the Author

Taetrece was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. After high school, she lived in Washington, Colorado, Texas and Germany. She returned to Louisiana in 2002 and matriculated at Southern University Law Centre. Shortly after graduating in May 2005, Taetrece helped her family that was displaced by Hurricane Katrina. In 2008, after 19 years of residing in other locations, she returned home and with determination and enthusiasm, opened her own law firm, earning an LL.M. in Taxation from the University of Alabama School of Law in 2013.

In 2018, Taetrece ran in an election for the judge seat in New Orleans.  Although, Taetrece did not win, she enjoyed getting to know her community much better.

Taetrece returned to practising law and has now been an attorney for over a decade. When not in court, Taetrece writes, enjoys the numerous festivals in the city, Mardi Gras parades and passionately supports the New Orleans Saints football team.

“Bitch Hunt”, filled with women’s stories, is Taetrece’s first book and one that she feels “needed to be told”.



In this riveting narrative non-fiction, the narrator takes us into the insights of some of the most prestigious female attorneys and judges in the US legal system. Bouncing from one perspective to the next, the narrator faces a crucial point as they reveal how these complex women handle the attacks on themselves and their reputation simply because of who they are and how they are viewed by others.

As the book delves into the lives of each woman, the author reveals the complex dynamic between women in power. As we discover that education and the beginning of their careers are similar, we quickly learn that their conflicts are similar as well. While these powerful women deal with each conflict in their own individual ways, they all have to decipher who exactly is responsible for the conflicts they all seem to face.

Perfect for fans of non-fiction, particularly women of all ages, readers will find themselves empowered by the strength and determination of the women featured in this book.