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Our July Interns Pack a Pitching Punch!


Last week, four fabulous interns joined us at Viv Loves Film to gain some experience in adapting books for screen and how to  pitch.  They ranged in experience from sixth form students expressing a passion for film and Filmmaking graduates at Screen and Film School Brighton.  

We had an induction morning where we explained a little bit about what we do here at Viv Loves Film, followed by a session on pitching. Then the interns went off to work on their internship project.

Alice, Angie, Bill and Lex were given just three days to produce and pitch a pitch deck and a proof of concept for one of our 200 or so titles. Each intern selected a book based on their belief that the story would make the kind of series or film that they wanted to watch. And, come pitch day, they did not disappoint! In fact, they blew us away with the professionalism and creativity with which they approached their tasks.

All four pitch decks were of such a high quality, especially given the short space of time they had to produce them!  However, one pitch just about stood above the rest and was crowned the winner.

That pitch was delivered by Bill Munro, a sixth form student at BHASVIC, who pitched Will Volley’s graphic novel THE OPPORTUNITY published by our client Myriad Editions. Bill gave an assured pitch with a clear understanding of what makes Will’s work an excellent option for adaptation. To top it all off, Bill created a sophisticated proof of concept video, cut together from comparable films, to give a feel for what a potential adaptation could look like.

Author Will Volley had this to say about Bill’s work: “It’s really impressive! I particularly like the mood reel, the way it encapsulates the tension of the story and explores further artistic directions that I wish I had incorporated in the book. Well done Bill!”

Bill’s excellent proof of concept now forms part of our pitching materials that will be sent out to our screen and stage collaborators globally. It has also been included in our Bookography that showcases all of our titles available for option.  

Check out Bill’s proof of concept for Will Volley’s graphic novel THE OPPORTUNITY (all book to screen and stage rights available):


Congratulations and many thanks to all of our interns for making last week such a success, we can’t wait to see what you do next!

All enquiries, please contact Max at developmentassistant@vivlovesfilm.com


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