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Brian Jacques’ Estate Signs Exclusive Deal With Viv Loves Film

Brian Jacques’ Estate signs exclusive deal with Viv Loves Film


Following February’s Netflix announcement regarding its acquisition of all adaptation rights for Brian Jacques’ bestselling REDWALL book series Emma Topping’s VIV LOVES FILM has signed an exclusive global representation deal with Brian Jacques’ Estate: THE REDWALL ABBEY COMPANY. 

Viv Loves Film will represent all of the non-publishing rights – including film, series, television, stage, radio and consumer products – to Brian Jacques’ entire catalogue of published and unpublished works other than the REDWALL™ book series.

Included in the representation agreement is the NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER fantasy trilogy CASTAWAYS OF THE FLYING DUTCHMAN which has sold close to one million copies globally and has been translated into over ten languages.  “Well known for his Redwall books, Jacques here turns his attention to the human world, and his fans will not be disappointed….Ultimately, it doesn’t much matter whether the bumbling thugs sent from London to intimidate the Chapelvale populace are weasels or humans—Jacques’s fans will be tickled by the characters’ goofy slapstick regardless of their genus.” —Publishers Weekly

The catalogue also features Jacques’ other fantasy title THE RIBBAJACK & OTHER CURIOUS YARNS. “…From vengeance monsters to haunted schools to the threat of a modern-day Medusa, New York Times bestselling author Brian Jacques spins six all-new tales of horror and suspense…”—Barnes and Noble

 In the same vein, Jacques’ comedy horror short stories SEVEN STRANGE AND GHOSTLY TALES, and the book series THE TALE OF URSO BRUNOV and URSO BRUNOV AND THE WHITE EMPEROR, the adventures of a thumb-sized bear, are also included in the exclusive deal.

Emma Topping, Viv Loves Film Founder, comments, “Collaboration is at the heart of Viv Loves Film and we are excited to have the opportunity to deliver a reimagining of all of Brian’s works on the screen and beyond to his fans, old and new.”

David Jacques, Director of The Redwall Abbey Company, looks forward to what the continuation of the long standing relationship between Viv Loves Film and The Redwall Abbey Company will bring and says, ‘’The recent deal that Emma brokered with Netflix for the entire world of ‘Redwall’ has garnered further interest in the remaining non-Redwall works and we will be exploring the chance of realising these well loved titles in a similar fashion.’’


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